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  Sugar Scrubs F.A.Q.  
  I've never used a sugar scrub before. What exactly am I missing?  
  A sugar scrub is a great way to exfoliate (in other words remove dead skin cells) and moisturize your skin. It's the closest thing we've found to having a real spa experience, in just a couple of minute’s right in your own bathroom. It's simple, really. The first thing you do when you open the jar is to give your scrub a good stir, because the oils come to the top. Then just scoop out a little into your hand and add just a little water so it's easy to smooth on. Then, grab your handy dandy bath pouf (or a wash cloth will do as well) and start scrubbin'. Now, close your eyes and enjoy the delicious scent that envelops you. Once you've covered your body in sugar go ahead and rinse. (This is the part where you want to be careful because the tub floor can get slippery.) Once you exit the bathtub or shower just pat yourself dry with a towel.  
  How often should I use a scrub?  
  Well, really it's up to you and your skin. Some of us are scrub addicts and feel like it's not really a shower if we don't scrub. Others prefer to treat themselves two or three times a week. Each scrub is gentle enough to use everyday - but everyone's skin is different, so listen to your skin. Warning: the smoothness is definitely habit forming! Note: Facial exfoliation should be done 2-3 times per week.  
  Can I keep my scrub in the shower?  
  Well, you want to keep it handy that's for sure. But ideally, you should try to prevent getting too much water into your scrub. Use the spoon to stir it up and scoop it out into your hand and then add some water to apply to your skin. Then be sure you close it up tightly.  
  Do I need a moisturizer after I scrub?  
  No! You'll be super soft and smooth without adding anything else!  

What's the shelf-life of my scrub?

  Our scrubs have a shelf life of about a year. The oils we use are all stable for at least a year and the antioxidants and essential oils, add to that. But really, using it when it's fresh is the ultimate.  

Are Sugar scrubs safe for children?

  Yes, each scrub is formulated to be all- natural and safe for even the most sensitive skin. The peppermint foot scrub is powerful, so we don't recommend using that on small children or babies, but the others are fine. Also, there is nothing in any product that would be harmful to a child if it was swallowed. We do recommend that you keep all products out of the reach of little ones (if for no other reason, than to avoid a mess!) just to be on the safe side.  
  What's the difference between the body scrub, the facial scrub and the foot scrub?  
  The facial scrubs are the gentlest exfoliators because they contain a lower concentration of sugar. They also contain more Vitamin E, jojoba oil and grape seed oil (all excellent ingredients for your skin!) than the body scrubs. Also, the three varieties of facial scrub are all made from ingredients that are especially loaded with good-for-skin ingredients (see individual product listings for details). The body scrubs are more aggressive exfoliators and come in a wider variety of scents. The foot scrub is the most heavy duty exfoliator and also contains the most serious moisturizer.  
  Why do the facial scrubs cost more?  
  Because they contain more expensive ingredients.  
  Can I use a facial scrub on my body?  
  Sure, you can use a facial scrub (gentlest) on your body, but we don't recommend using a body scrub (and definitely not the foot scrub) on your face, especially if you have sensitive skin.  
  What exactly is in a Simple Sugars scrub?  
  Well let's start by telling you what's NOT in any of our products. There are no artificial preservatives, colors or scents in any of our products. We start with pure cane sugar, and then we add a custom blend of all-natural oils that we source from trusted and certified suppliers. The blend, depending on what type of scrub it is, may contain one or more of the following: soybean oil, grape seed oil, rice bran oil, sesame oil, safflower oil, jojoba oil, or sweet cherry kernel oil. The scrubs contain natural ingredients (for example, lemonade contains fresh lemon zest, milk chocolate contains real milk chocolate etc.), essential oils, and in some cases fragrance oils. They also contain Vitamins C and E as well as citric acid, which balance the pH of the formulations.  
  Can Simple Sugars scrubs make me look younger, cure my acne, or keep me from getting fine lines and wrinkles???  
  Let us be perfectly clear here: Spa-Nique makes absolutely no claims, whatsoever, about the possible benefits using our products may impart to your skin. Here's what we know: we use all-natural ingredients, that each have a great profile - when it comes to being healthy. We don't think you should put anything on your skin that you couldn't eat, if you had to. We choose ingredients that have loads of vitamins and antioxidants. You will feel great knowing that you're using an all-natural product that doesn't contain parabens. And if you happen to notice some skin benefits for yourself....that's just icing on the cake as far as we're concerned. Of course, you should always check with your doctor or dermatologist if you have specific questions about your skin. And if for some reason you develop an irritation from one of our scrubs you should discontinue use immediately.  
  If your scrubs don't contain preservatives how do they stay free of bacteria?  
  Our scrubs contain no ARTIFICIAL preservatives. But quite a few of our ingredients act as preservatives. Vitamin E for example. Also citric acid, grapefruit seed oil extract, and the essential oils themselves have preservative (and often antiseptic) qualities. Also, since our scrubs are oil-based and not water-based, they aren't good environments for bacteria to grow. (Another reason why we only make scrubs and not lotions, creams, etc. ---those are water based and need to be preserved)  
  Does Strawberry really have strawberries in it?  
  It sure does. And vanilla has pure vanilla bean paste and almond has real ground almonds and coconut has real, organic coconut, and well you get the idea.  
  What if I'm allergic to nuts?  
  All of our products are "nut-free" with the obvious exception of the almond body scrub (and, yes the almond is made with separate tools in a different area than the others to avoid possible contamination).  
  Why don't you make salt scrubs?  
  Well, it's just that we like sugar better. Sugar is a little more gentle than salt, and it doesn't burn after you shave or if you have a cut, and if you happen to get some in your mouth while you're scrubbing' away - it's tasty! (And for the record: no! - We do not recommend EATING the scrub!! )  
  Why doesn't your scrub come in a bigger size than 8 oz.?  
  For one thing, the fresher the scrub the better. For another thing, we've found that most of our customers like to have a little variety when it comes to their scrubs. For example, you might need a lemonade or coffee jumpstart in the morning, but prefer a soothing, relaxing lavender scrub for an evening bath. 8 oz should last you about a month depending on frequency of use.  
  What if my package arrived damaged? What if I don't love my purchase?  
  Call us right away and our customer service department will happily assist you. 412-526-8688. We're sure you'll love your Sugar scrubs, but since "things happen" (it's unlikely, but possible, that a jar might leak during shipment, for example), if you're not completely happy with your purchase, call us and we'll replace your product or give you a refund.  
  Are Spa-Nique Sugars scrubs safe for sensitive skin?  
  YES! Our scrubs were especially formulated for sensitive skin.  




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